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What Are the Benefits of Hiring A Caretaker for Your Strata Property?

As a property manager, you play an important role in ensuring that the strata you manage is well looked-after, both in terms of maintaining the property and of making sure that all rents and fees are paid on time. You’re also in charge of screening tenant applications, as well as budgeting and handling a whole [...]


How To ‘Spark Joy’ Outside Your Property

As Marie Kondo preaches on her Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, when faced with an overwhelming amount of personal items to sort through, you should only keep the ones that ‘spark joy’ within you – namely, the items that trigger an emotional response. Inside the home, this can refer to keepsakes, photographs, and [...]


Ways to Prevent Graffiti on Your Property

Graffiti is a common site in all of Australia’s biggest cities. While sprawling multilevel murals are stunning (and a popular walking-tour subject), messy tags across a shopfront window or a strata building wall can reduce building value, and deter potential customers. So, if you’ve found tags and messy graffiti on your property, what do you [...]


Surprise Tenants with A Beautiful Outdoor Area Revamp This Summer

Do you have a backyard area in your strata building slowly being overrun by asthma weeds and clutter? Perhaps a communal BBQ has been grimed down to the point of abandonment, or a previously ivory-white birdbath has turned a splotchy yellow. Wear and tear happens over time, and can be hard to spot in the [...]


Reducing Pests Near Your Strata Building

Strata buildings – be they residential, commercial, retail or other can be an enticing destination for scavenging pests such as mice and rats. With increased human traffic on the property there’s likely more food and water – and perhaps even easier access inside. Not only are pests unsightly, but they can pose a threat to [...]


Quick Improvements That Add Value to Strata Buildings

Strata buildings are properties of high traffic and use, meaning it’s subjected to more frequent wear, and damages than other properties. As it happens slowly, this wear can often go unnoticed, but over time it can have a detrimental effect on the overall value of the property, and the enjoyment of it amongst its tenants. [...]


Greening Up Your Spring Clean

Spring cleaning is a great way to freshen up your house, take inventory of what you’ve piled up in the last year, and give yourself a chance to purge yourself of belongings that no longer reflect who you are. A thorough spring clean also requires grit, elbow grease, time, and plenty of cleaning products. But [...]


The Surprising History of Spring Cleaning

Spring-cleaning is a great opportunity to give house, office, and car a thorough cleaning in order to free up space, and enjoy a cleaner, fresher house. But as spring-cleaning is fast approaching do you wonder – who decided we should clean our houses in spring anyways? Clean Green Strata is a big fan of the [...]


Springtime Gardening Tips

Few times are better to be working in the garden than springtime. The air is getting warmer, birds are chirping – and it seems everything grows so easily. Not only does it feel great to spend an afternoon out in the sun digging in the soil, but being the start of the gardening season, it’s [...]


Spring Cleaning Ideas – Clearing Up Space

Ah, spring time. Birds, flowers, warmer weather, longer days. Spring cleaning. Oh no! We know spring cleaning is the unpopular cousin of the many positives of springtime, but a spring clean is a great chance to clean those hard-to-reach nooks and clear your home of belongings that no longer reflect who you are. Clean Green [...]